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Premium Medina Dates
The Forever Fruits Company is based in the blessed city of Medina, Saudi Arabia. Our premium quality Ajwa, Mabroom and Safawy dates are supplied to consumers around the world.

We focus foreign market supply concentrating on quality and affordability, making dates from the blessed city of Medina accessible to consumers across the world.

Our dates are quality tested through a rigorous process and our partner supply factories are ISO22000 certified and accredited by Saudi Standards organization (SASO) highest Saudi quality mark.

Our Premium Date Collection


After 3 weeks our Ajwa and Mabroom dates are still fresh, soft and delicious to eat back in our home. Definitely quality dates and long lasting flavour.  We also have the local shops dates which by contrast have now gone hard and not as fresh. JazakhaAllah forever fruits team!

Zahira | UK

Thank you Forever Fruits for supplying me my dates, I only had 5 days in Medina and you made my life easier supplying all the varieties I wanted – packed and delivered to my hotel – Brilliant customer service. The Ajwa and other varieties were fresh and tasted great. Family and friends really enjoyed the dates so much! Definitely recommend Forever Fruits.

Faheem | UK


Dear Forever Fruits, just to let you know that the Ajwa Dates arrived and having sampled them I can say safely that they are the finest I have ever tasted. Superb! Thanks very much for the swift delivery.

Simon | UK

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