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Our Mission & Vision
The Forever Fruits Company is based in Medina, Saudi Arabia. We export Medina dates around the world at competitive pricing, with guarantees around quality and purchased grades.

Our mission is to supply the demand for Medina dates such as Ajwa, Mabroom, Safawy, and other types of dates that specifically come from the Medina region.

Our vision is to increase the accessibility of Medina dates across the world to millions of consumers, benefiting from this fruit of paradise and through the channel of trade benefit the complete supply chain from farmers to consumers.

Quality and food standards are at the forefront of our process, without dedicated date factory in Medina our in-house team check every date that eventually will be consumed, our stringent quality control process ensures our customers are always satisfied.

The Forever Fruits Company is a Maarij Group venture.

Our Supply

Our supply comes from the farms of Medina and always meets international standards. For centuries Medina has cultivated and harvested dates which locals and pilgrims have consumed with great pleasure.

Forever Fruits Company works with the leading supplier in Medina who has access to farms across the city and region. We have a constant and consistent supply of our date collections and aim to increase our collections serving the larger market of Medina dates.

Our Quality

Forever Fruits takes pride in ensuing that our quality is only at the highest level, all our dates are stringently tested and sorted at least twice before they are packed and processed for consumption.

Hygine is of the upmost importance and our dedicated date facility in Medina allows us to meet western international food standards. All our produce is kept in cold stores and dry cleaned giving long life to our products and the ability to export and serve foreign markets with confidence.

Forever Fruits Medina Office:

Shadhah, Medina, Western Province,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 42361

Forever Fruits Medina Factory:

Tayba, Medina, Western Province
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 42353

Forever Fruits UK Office:

11 Bridge Street, Reading, Berks
United Kingdom, RG1 2LR

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