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Hajj/Umrah Operators

Run a Hajj/Umrah tour group?

Every pilgrim that comes to Hajj/Umrah asks for three things; Duas, Dates and Zam Zam.

When it comes to dates we have a dedicated and specialised hotel delivery service where we deliver premium quality Medina dates based on orders your group have placed with us beforehand.

This convenient service has been setup to help tour operators who have a short stays in Medina and for those who are looking for quality long lasting quality Medina dates. Our dates are cleaned and stored specifically for foreign pilgrims ensuring that the quality you buy in Medina is the same quality you eat back home.

Become a Partner:

We are partnering with Hajj/Umrah tour operators and helping them deliver added value to their tours, at the same time we are sharing 7.5% of the revenue of all orders placed with Forever Fruits. We take care of everything, you just need to arrange a time for us to come and present to people in your group, we will give tasters and date samples and talk about why our dates are different.

Find our more by downloading our partnership presentation here, or register as a partner here. Registering as a partner is completely free and once you register one of our business managers will in touch to discuss everything.

Earn 7.5% Revenue